News about moving on

When I personally founded Drunk Austen in 2013, I soon realized it was too big of a project to do alone. I was glad to eventually recruit Bianca’s help in turning my idea into a much bigger project. But people — and businesses — change between 23 and 30, and our working styles have not meshed for a long time at this point.

We have never had a contract, nor any other sort of formal business agreement, and frankly, we have both been unhappy in this partnership for some time.

I approached her Sunday for what I hoped would be a mature and civil conversation about eventually splitting up the partnership, and using Drunk Austen to promote whatever new projects she wanted to move onto. Obviously, that conversation did not go well.

I wish Bianca well, and appreciate the work she’s put into Drunk Austen over the years. Whatever money she chose to put into it was done without my knowledge or agreement. I would hope that people understand this is a private matter, and leave us to work it out between ourselves. Bianca deserves to work on a project where she is not beholden to me to move forward, and I deserve the same.

If you choose to leave Drunk Austen as a fan, I understand. If you choose to stay, Drunk Austen will still be here as the community you’ve always known and loved. I wish Bianca the best of luck in wherever she pursues next, and will always care for her.

Drunk Austen will be taking a hiatus for a few weeks or months. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “News about moving on

  1. I feel like my absence these past months means I have missed some sort of genteel blogosphere rumble. Carry on as if everything is normal until it is. The right audience will always find you in the end.


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