The 2020 #RomComBracket is HERE

It’s March and that means #RomComBracket is BACK.

What’s #RomComBracket? It’s a yearly romantic comedy bracket Drunk Austen runs. Use the hashtag to be part of the conversation.

How do you play? We post polls on twitter starting March 4, 2020. The polls last for 24 hours. Vote to get your fav through. We repeat until the end.

How do I fill out a bracket? You can find them on all our social media, save them to your mobile phone and fill it in with an annotation app, or you can download and print the pdf below.

PDF: romcombracket2020working

How do you pick what’s in the bracket? I ask users for submissions in the week leading up to it. I can’t include everything, but I try.

How do you choose positions? Naturally some themes show up in suggestions that turn into categories. Then I try to shuffle titles around and tweak them for spacing (and fun).

What about Princess Bride/10 Things? Previous winner aren’t eligible, sorry.

-Admin Bianca

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