Emma. Red Carpet Highlights

Admin R and I got to attend the red carpet for Emma. (2020), the latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel!

Here are some highlights. (And don’t forget to check back later for updates!)

Director Autumn de Wilde was so generous with her time and was such a sweetheart. We can’t wait to share some of her interview with y’all.

Johnny Flynn, who plays Mr. Knightley, spent a lot of time with folks, answering questions about what it was like to play Knightley. We asked who would win in a fight, Knightley or Darcy, and he had a lovely response (gonna have to wait for the podcast to hear it).

The step-and-repeat was pastel pink and decorated with lovely flowers (which did smell lovely).

Recoding artist Haven was one of many attendees.

Eleanor Catton, the screenwriter for this adaptation of Emma.

Christopher Blauvelt, Director of photography for Emma.

Kendall Keith was wearing a flowy, pastel dress, which seemed to be the theme of the night.

And your admins looking pretty stoked to be there.

– Admin B

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