25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 15: Wicky Wicky Whaaaa

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Episode 3, Third watch

Elizabeth learns that Charlotte has accepted a proposal from Mr. Collins; Jane realizes that the Bingleys are ignoring her.

People who tried to warn Lizzy about Mr. Wickham:

Mr. Bingley
Her sister, Jane
Her sister, Mary
Mr. Bennet
Literally even Caroline Bingley, FFS
Mrs. Gardiner
Mr. Gardiner
Mr. Collins
Denney, I think? At one point?
Charlotte Lucas
That one flashback to college
Literally anything Wickham ever said or did?
Mrs. Bennet, even
“Though I’m sure I don’t know what you’ve done to deserve his attention, Miss Lizzy!” seems more like foreshadowing now, huh.
Idk, probably some shopkeepers?
Mary King, if she’d ever bothered to ask her.
The Forsters, I’m sure, had a story
Probably like, literally anyone in Meryton, if she’d bothered to ask them.
Deadass Lady Catharine too
The Crypt Keeper at Pemberley

People whom Lizzy finally believed about Wickham:

Darcy, sort of? And not until, like, Jane convinced her of it and she also met Georgiana and was all like “Ohhh yeah no this chick’s cool.”

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3 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 15: Wicky Wicky Whaaaa

  1. I don’t think Lady Catherine ever knew about Georgiana and Wickham. Otherwise there might have been some sympathy/empathy when Lydia was with Wickham. Darcy did not tell Lady Catherine much about his life. Apart from talking about Elizabeth.


  2. Wow the screw-ups we commit when we think we know all about someone else’s horribleness because they hurt our feelings.


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