25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 13 – We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming

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Episode 1, Third watch

When Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood, Mrs. Bennet looks to marry off one of her five daughters.


I hurt my back a few weeks ago. I don’t know what’s been going on with it lately, but today it’s been truly awful.

Like, I can’t even move without it radiating down the top of my right leg or stabbing into my shoulder blade or neck. Like, I went home early from work, bad. Like, I actually called an acupuncturist for an emergency appointment tomorrow.

(I’ve never even tried acupuncture, I’m just desperate for something that might offer relief.)

So I’m currently hopped up on some pretty good pain meds courtesy of my roommate, and I tried to write today’s blog… but I started, and took a short nap, and then I started again but then fell asleep for like, an hour and I just woke up again.

I’m a journalist in my day job, so I write all day and then when I get home to do one of these blogs, it takes about another three hours of watching and writing and doing all the background work for the website to make it look pretty — so it’s a bit of a time commitment, even when you’re not feeling sick.

That’s not to complain, I like doing these, but literally ALL I want to do right now is crash into my pillow face first.

So… I’m gonna go to bed.

I’ve never, ever not posted something on one of the #25 Days in the last three years, but I’m gonna have to rely on a technicality and leave it at this short explainer for today.

However, I promise to give you all an extra long final review blog tomorrow that includes episode 1 and all of episode 2 together.

Below is the first 15 minutes of episode one, consider it a taster for tomorrow’s main course, which I hope you’ll join us for.

(The embroidery is… happening.)

Two men ride across English fields to a view of a great home. Who are they? What do they want? Let’s find out!

(I mean. We already know. But let’s pretend like we don’t!)

As they speed toward the house, a woman watches them from above.

Who is she? What does she want? Let’s find out!

Now she’s skipping! Now she’s gathering flowers! Now there’s horses! Now there’s a squabbling family! Now they’re at church! My goodness this is a lot of exposition without much script.

Apparently their names are Jane and Lizzy and we’re nearly four minutes into a show where they are central character, and we’ve yet to hear a single word uttered by either.

Ah but their mother — at least, I can only assume it’s their mother. She leads the pack of girls like a duck trying to usher her ducklings across a busy freeway — is telling us about the men who we saw earlier on horseback. Apparently that great house is called Netherfield and it finally got rented out.

One of those guys was named Bingley and he’s single and super rich so, y’know, mama likey.

A single dude with a good job should be married by now. Or something like that.

Mr. Bennet suggests his wife throw herself at the guy’s feet and leave him well alone. Either way, he refuses to go visit the new neighbor and Mrs. Bennet is piiiiiiissed about it.

More exposition, more exposition…

We learn that the sisters are basically:

1) Nice

2) Smart

3) Annoying

4) Ignored

5) Selfish

And more or less in that order.

Jane and Lizzy muse about being married in their room that night, and agree that respect is a super important part of marriage … but one of them is going to have to marry well if the family is going to survive after Mr. Bennet dies.

Since Jane is the prettiest, she’s likely the one who will have to give up those lofty ideals for a practical marriage.

I’m sure the idea that her sister is going to have to be the one to save the day DEFINITELY won’t figure into any future decisions this Lizzy person will EVER make, especially because THEY LITERALLY JUST AGREED that AT LEAST one of them is going to have to marry well and MAYBE that duty shouldn’t have to be Jane’s burden ALONE…

Later, Mr. Bennet is adding up sums in his library and apparently he’s as good at math as I am. (Which is to say, the Bennet family is tight on money.)

The next day, the youngest sisters run home because they have the hot goss on Bingley from their neighbors. Apparently he’s SUPER RICH, has 40 servants, and is bringing 6 ladies and 4 gentlemen to the ball on Saturday. Or maybe it was 12 ladies and 7 gentlemen?

Too many ladies.

Mr. Bennet drops the news that WELL ACTUALLY, he knows already because he visited Bingley already just to trick his wife.

(I can’t tell if that’s kind of cute or weirdly gaslighting.)

Bingley and two ladies and two gentlemen arrive at the Meryton Assembly. Good news! Bingley and one of the other dudes are single! He introduces his sisters, brother-in-law and a Mr. Darcy — a close friend who is even richer than he.

Bingley begs an introduction to Jane and immediately whisks her off to the dance floor.

Annnnd that’s all for today folks, I’m sorry to leave you at that, but thank you for understanding the circumstances, and come again tomorrow please ❤️❤️❤️

Love you all,


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3 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 13 – We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. I hope the acupuncture works and tomorrow you feel so much better! I love your updates. I can’t believe how often I have watched both the movie and the series and yet you are always pointing out something new, unnoticed and hilarious.


  2. When your post didn’t come up on my feed right away yesterday I got worried something had happened to you. I so enjoy your page and posts. Feel better soon!


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