25 Days of Pride and Prejudice: Day 8 – Dear God What Is That Thing

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Episode 2, Second watch

Mr. Collins writes to announce his imminent visit to Longbourn; Mrs. Bennet has high hopes that Collins will propose to one of her daughters, and also expects that Jane will soon be engaged to Mr. Bingley.

Hello and welcome contestants to one of my favorite and high-anticipated annual games — the Drunk Austen baby face merge!

I’ll be presenting you with the computer-merged faces of several babies, and it’s your job to tell me which couple from Pride & Prejudice were the progenitors of that hellspawn!

Ready for Round 1? Let’s play!

This little semen demon sure has his father’s dead eyes.

Do you think it’s:

A) Darcy and Elizabeth

B) Wickham and Lydia

C) Collins and Charlotte

Find out the answer after the next pic!

Round 2

(Answer to Round 1: B)

This carpet sniffer will likely be taken advantage of by everyone he meets, just like dear old ma and pa.

Do you think it’s:

A) Collins and Lizzy

B) Collins and Charlotte

C) Bingley and Jane

Round 3

(Answer to Round 2: C)

This darling crotch goblin has a host of terrible qualities that won’t be made clear until you’ve interacted with it for a second too long — not unlike its father.

Is it:

A) Darcy and Lizzy

B) Wickham and Mary King

C) Caroline Bingley and Darcy

Round 4

(Answer to Round 3: A)

This bouncing bundle of horror is an imagined, but favorite, pairing in many fanfics.

Is it:

A) Collins and Mary Bennet

B) Col. Fitzwilliam and Georgiana

C) Kitty and Denny

Round 5

(Answer to Round 4: B)

Honestly, this baby looks like it would kill me as soon as it got the chance, and then go have a smoke.

Is it:

A) Collins and Charlotte

B) Collins and Lizzy

C) Collins and Mary

Final Round

(Answer to Round 5: C)

Dear god kill it with fire.

Is it:

A) Caroline Bingley and Darcy

B) Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet

C) Kitty and Lt. Denny

(Answer is below next section)

Don’t forget to share each day on social media to be entered in our giveaway! We’ll announce a winner on Christmas Day.


(Answer to Final Round: C)

So how’d you do? How many did you get right? Share your scores in the comments!


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