25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 5 – Roll for Reputation

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Episode 5, First watch

Darcy introduces Elizabeth to his sister, Georgiana; in spite of Miss Bingley’s best efforts, their relationship is growing warmer, until Elizabeth receives a piece of distressing news from Longbourn.

So I finally got to hang out with my guy after two weeks of not seeing him, but I skipped my bi-weekly DND game to do it.

Then I had to skip going back to his house to write this dang blog 🤦🏻‍♀️

I hope y’all know how much I love you to have turned down a sure thing for this 🙃🙃🙃

This TTRPG is an adaptation of another game called “René le jeu de Rôle Romantique,” and originally adapted by Phillipe Tromuer. Where he used Wurthering Heights, we will of course use Pride & Prejudice!

You will need a character sheet, 1d6, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20 and your imagination.

Create your character


Throw one 10-sided dice and add 15 to obtain your amount of Intelligence.

Throw one 10-sided dice and add 15 to obtain your amount of Reputation.

Throw one 10-sided dice and add 15 to obtain your amount of Wealth.

Throw one 10-sided die and add 15 to obtain your Health. Unless some special Quality, this is also your Age.


Throw one 10-sided die. This is how many Qualities you have.

(Your Qualities are like weapons you wield while moving through Society. Your Attributes scores determines how well you wield them.)

Determine each Quality by throwing 1d20 and referencing the Qualities Table.

If you roll the same Quality twice, you should either double the effect, or roll for another. You may refuse a Quality, but you must roll for two more in its stead.

Qualities Table

1    You are without a family (-5 Wealth)

2    You are very rich (+10 Wealth)

3    You are very poor (-5 Health)

4    You are very religious (+2 Health)

5    You are extremely attractive (+5 Reputation)

6    You are unhealthy (cut Health in half)

7    You are ugly (-5 Reputation)

8    You are old (double your age)

9    You are honest (-2 Reputation, +2 Intelligence)

10    You fall in love with every woman/man you meet (+3 Reputation, -3 to Intelligence)

11      You are naive (-5 Intelligence, -3 Age)

12    You are vain (-2 Reputation, -2 Intelligence)

13    You easily misunderstand people (-5 Reputation)

14      You have patronage (+2 Reputation, +2 Wealth)

15    You sing (+5 Reputation)

16    You play the piano (+5 Reputation)

17    You are a writer (-3 Reputation, +3 Intelligence)

18    You read too much (-3 Reputation, +3 Intelligence)

19    You dress improperly (-5 Reputation)

20       You are poor (-5 Wealth, -5 Health)

Basic Rules

You have two ways to choose to act: Roll above or roll below the most relevant Attribute. Rolling above means you succeed in your action. Rolling below means you fail.

If the roll equals your Attribute, it’s a Faux Pas.

Pride Checks

A bold, prideful action requires the Person to roll below their Reputation.

To refrain from reacting pridefully, a Person should roll above their Reputation.

Intelligence Checks

To make an important decision the Person should roll above their Intelligence.

Fitness Checks

To take an action, the Person should roll above their Health.

Marriage Checks

Before accepting an offer of marriage, the Person should roll above their Wealth.

Important Events


Proposer/Proposee should both roll twice, both times must be above their original Wealth stat. Roll once for every year the Proposee is over the age of 25. (If under 25, only roll twice.)

The Proposee must roll above their Intelligence to be able to accept.

Two successes mean a perfect Marriage.

One success and a failure mean a failed Engagement. Wait 1d10 days to attempt Marriage again.

Two Failures mean you couldn’t accept/ask. Lose 1 Reputation, gain 1 Intelligence.


Both Persons should roll below their Intelligence.

Should one succeed and the other fail, the latter gets a Wound (see below).

Should both succeed, both lose 1 Health point and the duel keeps on, if both agree.

Should both fail, they stop the duel and become friends. They cannot not fight again for 1d10 days.

Whatever the other’s result, a Faux Pas will give you a Wound.

If both Faux Pas, both are Wounded.


A Wounded Persona should roll above their Age. The damage to Health is modified by the kind of weapon.

punch          1d6

knife, stick   1d10

sword, pistol  1d12

rifle          1d20

A failure means the Person is Dying

A Faux Pas means Death. The dying Person must make a death speech.


A dying Person must try to roll above their Age every day.

Two successive successful days bring you back to life with +10 Health.

Two successive failures kill you.

Comfortable Spinster

If Age reaches 30 or above, the Person is happy and spends the days doing useless but fun things.

Roll 2d10 3 times. If total amount is above 50, the Person inherits money an estate from an estranged uncle and has immunity.

Attend a Ball

If Reputation ever reaches 15 or above, the Person must attend a ball. Roll 1d10 twice to dance.

Two successes mean +5 Intelligence.

One success and a failure mean +2 Intelligence, -3 Reputation.

Two Failures mean -5 Reputation, -3 Intelligence.


If Health ever drops to 10 or below, the Person loses all energy and must spend the day reading, meditating, dreaming…

After that, the Person gains 1d10 Health and 1d10 Intelligence.

Emotional Shocks

A strong shock (death of a friend or a duel…) will make you gain / lose 1d10 points in Intelligence or Health.

An important event (Marriage…) make you gain / lose 1d10 Reputation and Wealth.


Every Christmas, the Person must roll above their Age; a failure means they are Sick. Two years of Sickness means instant death by tuberculosis.

A Faux Pas means your carriage overturns and you lose 1d10 Health.

Every year, the Person gains a new Quality.

Rewards / Evolution

Should the Person survive a novel (a gaming session), give them the possibility to gain or lose a Quality of their choice.

If a persona’s Health or Wealth is greater than 18, they lose 1d10 points.

If a persona’s Intelligence or Reputation is less than 5, they gain 1d10 points.

I’m SURE this game could use some tweaking but I think this is a fairly good start! What other suggestions would you have for a Regency TTRPG?


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5 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 5 – Roll for Reputation

  1. I love everything about this concept. I table too game regularly and I would love to play this type of game. I’m not a professional but I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and would love to help develop this and see were it goes.


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