25 Days of Pride & Prejudice: Day 1 – I Know What You’re Here For

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Episode 1, First watch

When Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood, Mrs. Bennet looks to marry off one of her five daughters.

Hello! And welcome back to our annual 25-Days-Of-Watching-Me-Lose-My-Mind 25 Days of Pride & Prejudice!

If you’re new (or just have a terrible memory) this is the mindbending, godforsaken, joyous, happy time of the year where I, Robin/Admin R/forgetful sucker watch the same movie for #25Days in a row.

Sort of like the worst best advent calendar in the world.

Now, this is our third annual #25Days and a shitload of you particularly persistent subset of the fandom has repeatedly requested one thing, every year …

I give up. You won.

This year, I’ll be watching the seminal, 1995 BBC miniseries Pride & Prejudice, with Sir Colin Firth and Her Majesty, Jennifer Ehle.

Yes, THAT one.

Before you get too concerned for my mental health, I’ll say now that there is no way in hell I’m watching the whole miniseries every day I’ll be watching just one episode a day.

(And yes, for you pedants, 6 episodes times 4 viewings adds up to 24 days, not 25. So on Christmas Day, I’ll bingewatch the whole thing for a final, fifth viewing.)

In effect, that makes this season easier on me than the last two, actually — watching a quick hour of TV every night won’t be as much as a mindfuck burden to my mental state as 90+ minutes every night, like the previous years.

Which is why, if you want to fall down the rabbit hole with me watch at the same time, this may be the year to do it. The full miniseries is available for viewing on Hulu.com or through Amazon Prime video.

Check back here on DrunkAusten.com every day for a new blog, and catch up with our previous series here and here.

And I’ll say this too — if you’re here for a straight, unbiased review of each episode… Honey, find another website.

But, if a foul-mouthed, oft-inebriated, female Ebert & Roeper sounds intriguing to you…

This gon’ be a gud time.

And here’s the most important stuff:

I’d REALLY love for this to be our biggest year yet, so I’m challenging YOU this year too: If you like Drunk Austen, and if you want to help support these fun and crazy things we do here: Please help us by sharing these posts!

And if that’s not enough incentive: On Dec. 16 — Jane’s birthday — we’ll have a giveaway contest but to be entered to win, you’ll have to share these posts every day!

We’ll include some rare fanfic books, mini-booze bottles, a fancy teacup or two so you can have a tea party with your friends, Austen-themed gifties and maybe even some very special Drunk Austen merch…

So hit that share button, and make sure your posts are set to public to win!

And now, because I know what all of you are ACTUALLY here for: Here’s a bunch of pictures of Colin Firth ribbed for your pleasure as Mr. Darcy.

See you tomorrow, suckers friends!


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