25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 24 – Statistics, Damn Statistics, and Lies

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It may just be because I love pie charts and stats so much, but I thought it’d be fun to go back over the last 24 days of blogs and see which ones were the biggest hits!

I suspect that with today’s post, we will have juuuuuuust edged out last’s year’s record for December, which honestly, was a secret little goal of mine this month! We had more than 58,300 views to the blog in December 2017, and as of today, we will probably break 60,000 for December 2018 — hooray!

So what were the most popular blogs this season?

Well, far and away was Day 1, of course.

I know two years of samples aren’t exactly enough to establish a pattern but same thing happened last year — the first day seems to be always the most popular. Last year, Day 1 of the #25DaysOfPrideAndPrejudice had more than 4,300 views over the course of the month, and even snagged a few hundred more views this month as y’all revisited the series again.

Coming in at No. 2 was Day 5 – “Lucy Steele Can Suck It.” It’s also responsible for our single most popular day, on Dec. 5th bringing in nearly 5,000 views! And No. 3 was Day 3 – “To Willoughby or To Won’toughby, That Is The Question”

Also a fan favorite this year was Day 2 when I sorted the S&S characters into Hogwarts Houses and Day 8, the letter to Alan Rickman ❤️

And the views came from all over too! The blogs were most popular in the United States, but several thousand viewers logged in from the UK, Canada, Australia and Sweden! We even had several hundred from New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Norway, and as far as Croatia, Azerbaijan and Cape Verde!

But which ones went unloved this year? Well, that’s a little harder to figure out. Obviously, yesterday’s post is going to have far, far fewer views just because of the lack of time it’s been up. But in terms of blogs that have had a few days, it looks like Day 16 and Day 12 are slacking a bit — only about 1,300 views apiece for the month.

And the “worst” day for overall views was Dec. 18th, though I suspect that had far, far less to do with the subject than with the fact that I had a crazy busy day and forgot to post the blog’s link to Facebook until more than 8 hours after I usually do 😂

And, I know this part is purely subjective, but I’ve been having some fun making the pictures that go at the top of each blog and I wanted to reshare a few of my faves that didn’t have the text across them:

What was your favorite #25DaysofSenseAndSensibility blog this month? Are there any topics we didn’t cover that you would have liked to see? Which one did you like least? Let us know in the comments!

Catch up on all of them here and make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s final blog! This one will be particularly special, I’ve been holding it back as a finale!

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Day 6: The Source Of The Nile Is In Abyssinia

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Day 8: The Air Is Hot And Full Of Spices

Day 9: A Visit From St. Jane

Day 10: Deep Dives

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Day 14: Wedded Bliss

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Day 21: Quizzical Looks

Day 22: Is It Over Yet?

Day 23: Her Heart Shrunk Three Sizes That Day


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One thought on “25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 24 – Statistics, Damn Statistics, and Lies

  1. Love you in Australia! Day 8 made me cry, as did watching Alan Rickman in Love Actually last night. For the 20th time. Thank you for your dedication to all things Austen. I raise a glass of Constanta wine to you! Merry Christmas!

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