25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 22 – Is It Over Yet?

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I am realllllllly starting to dislike this movie…

Oof, sorry today is so late. (I have a whole host of excuses but they’re honestly just excuses.) It’s not that I don’t like this movie, it’s just that I’ve been sick for more than a week now and let me just say I’m really glad it’s almost the 25th 😭

In really sweet news, one of our fans sent me some bath bombs after my Fever Dreams post the other day and a bunch of you offered to send me books and I am so overwhelmed by your kindness. I promise, I have more than enough stuff (as evidenced by the crap-ton of boxes I’m currently moving out of my apartment 😑) but if you’d like to send me or B (or Drunk Austen in general) a Christmas gift, please make a donation to the North Valley Community Foundation in our name — they’re helping people get back on their feet after the devastating Camp Wildfire in Northern California. It’s a cause very near and dear to the whole team at Drunk Austen. ❤️

Ok, on to the show!

I am a HUGE fan of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR, and this is a game I’ve always wanted to play with them… but since that is not likely to ever happen… I thought I’d do a little Austen-themed Limerick Game 😉

Truthfully, I’ve had this idea in my back pocket for a few days now, but I’ve discovered that I’m terrible at writing rhymes.

So here are some terrible Sense & Sensibility limericks I wrote! They are, frankly, AWFUL. So if you’re any better at writing limericks than I am (and no one could be worse) then share them with us and I’ll edit the post to include my favorites!

There once were two sisters from Norland,

Who were thrown out with no money to spend.
Their brother a curse,
His wife even worse,
But all turned out fine in the end!


When Edward rose in on his horse
Fanny could see the next course:
He’d fall in love,
And heavens above,
That was something she could not endorse.


Margaret, her atlas, she’d read
And dream of adventures to lead.
Society said “No! you’re a girl!”
But she thought, “I’ll give it a whirl!”
And ran toward gold treasure bur’ied!


Ok your turn!! Send me your best Sense & Sensibility limericks, or even your Austen-themed limericks and I’ll include them here!! The rhyme scheme is AABBA, in case you need some help. I highly suggest using a rhyming dictionary 😂 (And extra bonus points for you if you reference something specific to the movie!)


Editing to add some really great ones!! Make sure you check out the comments below too!


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4 thoughts on “25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 22 – Is It Over Yet?

  1. The horrible Miss Lucy Steele
    Pretended affection to feel,
    But her man lost his cash,
    And (because she was trash)
    With his brother she made a new deal.


  2. Oh Willoughby, why do you cry?
    If only you’d learned to button your fly.
    But Beth you’ve abandoned
    Marianne’s marrying Brandon
    And from syphallis you’ll probably soon die.


  3. The family Dashwood of course is
    Quite rich in creative resources,
    But in cash, not as such;
    Musn’t trust overmuch
    The fine words of fine men on fine horses!

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