25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 21 – Quizzical Looks

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Today I used the word “pariah” and no one understood it it, so if you need me to explain the pun behind “quizzical”, please excuse me, I’ll be crying in a corner. Ask someone else. (Possibly Google?)


Today’s blog is short, because I’m actually directing you to a different site — a Buzzfeed quiz!!


But make sure you report back and tell us which one you got! (There’s a few surprises 😘)


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23 thoughts on “25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 21 – Quizzical Looks

  1. I am the ampersand, and really pleased about it too. Now that I’ve been reading your posts since day 1, I definitely have to go back and watch the movie. Which will be on the French telly this week, hooray! I will try to convince my 16 year old daughter to join, because it is high time she learned to love Jane Austen as much as I do. Oh, I watched Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park last week (2007 versions). Not bad either!


  2. Heh. I got: Are You Sure You’re Not Pride & Prejudice Instead?
    I mean, you just seem more like a Lizzy than an Elinor or a Marianne… Hey at least you get Darcy!

    I’ll take it. Though I’d definitely Elinor, not Marianne.😛

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