25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 17 – Fan Faves

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Anyone who followed along with the 25 Days of Pride & Prejudice last year knows I have a fond spot in my heart for statistics. So why should this year be any different? 😘

Yesterday I asked everyone on our Facebook and Twitter pages to tell us their favorite moment in the 1995 Sense & Sensibility and your answers were… very specific!

I tallied hundreds of votes up, found the top 10, and threw in a few honorable mentions for good measure.

Let’s start with No. 1!

First Place

The Proposal

Far and away, the winner and number one favorite scene mentioned was Edward’s awkward proposal to a sobbing Elinor.


Whether it was his awkward explaining of the situation, the way Mrs. Dashwood ushers Marianne and Margaret out of the room posthaste, the way Margaret climbs up into her treehouse and starts a running commentary of events, or Elinor’s sobbing (oh my god, so many of you love the sobbing!) this scene is SO. MANY. people’s favorite. Of course, it’s easy to see why: It’s the culmination of everything we’ve been hoping for since the first 15 minutes of the movie… and isn’t it so nice to Elinor get what she wanted after so much sacrifice?

Second Place

Colonel Brandon & Sick Marianne

For the sake of… well, let’s be honest, for the sake of my sanity, I rolled together pretty much every vote for any scene between Marianne being carried by Brandon all the way to her thanking him at the door when her fever has broken.

A TON of people though, specifically called out the scene where he says “Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad…”

Y’all realllllly love that deep voice, don’t you 😏

Other sickbed scenes that really stood out to our voters where when Marianne finally recognizes Brandon’s help and says “thank you,” and also when Brandon carries her through the rain, only giving one, manly stumble right at the end. *Le swoon*

Third Place


Many voters told us you love the sorority between Elinor and Marianne — and more than a few of you side fully with Elinor every time she has to put her own feelings aside to comfort her younger sister!

But also, many of you pointed out the scenes where Elinor cries over Marianne’s sickbed, their fun and funny moments together, and how deep and real their sisterly love is.

All I have to say is, sisters before misters 😘✌🏻

Fourth Place

Love At First Sight

My personal favorite comes in fourth, when Colonel Brandon sees Marianne at the piano, and falls in love.

To be honest, most of you just responded with this gif and I counted that as a vote for this scene because YASSS ❀️❀️❀️

Fifth Place

Brandon The Poet

This scene is just too, too sweet. Brandon — finally appreciated by a recuperating (and chastened) Marianne — is reading her poetry and she asks him not to stay away too long. It’s the first real glimpse we have of their budding relationship, and the first promise of something good happening for dear Colonel Brandon. (Not to mention, any scene that Alan Rickman reads poetry in is a good one!)

Speaking of any Alan Rickman scene…

Sixth Place

Literally Any Alan Rickman Scene

Yes Katie, apparently it is! And for those of you wondering, yes, SO MANY of you voted distinctly for different scenes featuring Colonel Brandon IN ADDITION TO so many people voting specifically for “Any Alan Rickman scene” that it warranted its own entry!

Seventh Place

Lucy Steele Gets A Beatdown


Eighth Place

Mr. Palmer’s Eyerolls

Y’all love you some Regency-era House, don’t you?

Mr. Palmer’s droll wit and surprisingly tender side when it comes to the Sisters Dashwood comes in at number 8. I will admit Hugh Laurie looks very dashing in a top hat and cravat. 😍 And I think some of you may be brewing up some steamy AU fanfic where Elinor and Mr. Palmer get together… (If you are actually doing this, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!)

Ninth Place

Edward and… Margaret?

This is actually adorable — a bunch of you said your favorite scenes were with Edward and Margaret: the “Abyssinia”/Atlas scene, when he play-swordfights with her, when he keeps his promise to send her the atlas, and generally just treating her with respect and kindness. Many of you said you saw that as a mark of Edward’s good character.

Tenth Place

The Wedding

OF COURSE the wedding made the favorite scenes list! It’s the denouement of everything and is so sweet. (By the way, did you know that the scene is not a double wedding? I always assumed Elinor and Edward coming out of the church meant they’d all gotten married at the same time, but no, Elinor was the matron of honor and Edward was the parson for Marianne and Brandon. You learn something new every day!)

So that’s the official Top Ten, but I’d love to share a few Honorable Mentions…

Tea On The Stairs

Sad Willoughby Stares

Awkward Threesome

What about you!? Did your favorite make the list? Tell us in the comments! What scene from the novel do you wish had been included? What scene from the movie do you wish was Austen canon?


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7 thoughts on “25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 17 – Fan Faves

  1. The scene in The Vicar of Dibley where Dawn French is re-enacting the sound of Elinor’s sob of relief. Over and over again.


  2. All my favorites are on this list! And I did not know that about Marianne’s wedding, will have to look more closely when I re-watch in a few days (I’m rereading the book and want to finish it first before the viewing).


  3. My favorite moment will always be when Brandon describes India. “The air is filled with spices” always sends a shiver through my body. The first time I understood the sex appeal of Alan Rickman.


  4. Honestly, just the addition of the atlas as a device was amazing. Sheer brilliance on Emma Thompson’s part. It ends up doing so much heavy lifting, narrative-wise. It enables that instant connection between Elinor and Edward. It pulls Margaret out of her shell. It’s both a symbol of Edward’s honor (that he sends it) and his regret (him not bringing it himself). It establishes Margaret’s love of adventure that connects her first with Edward and then with Brandon.


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  5. Awkward Threesome wins my vote as well! The delicious discomfort, the perfect dialogue and acting, so much happening in such a brief moment. But I enjoy JA more for comedy than for romance.


    I’ve been looking for fanfictions on this couple for yearssss and yet I haven’t found anything. (You betray fanfiction, you’re supposed to have any kind of ship imaginable in your ranks, shame on you).
    I’m glad I’m not the only to think that though


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