25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 15 – Like A Virgin

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A few weeks ago, when I tentatively told some friends why I probably wouldn’t be able to hang out most December evenings, that sort of led to explaining this whole project. That’s how I found out one of my good friends had never seen Sense & Sensibility.

So Sophia, in her infinite kindness, after hearing me complain about trying to come up with 25 days worth of topics about a single movie, asked if she could watch it with me some night. Of course I leaped on the opportunity to record her reactions for one of the blogs.

Sometimes when you watch something or do something too many times, it becomes too rote. It’s good to see it through someone else’s unbiased eyes.

So here, laid bare before all, is a Sense & Sensibility virgin’s thoughts on her very first time.

Why does he have two families?

Because that’s his shitty son from his first marriage.

…I already feel like he’s not going to help them.

You are… not wrong.

That’s a sweet tree house.


That’s a pretty sweet tree in general though.

He’s gonna be cute, right?

Lol yes. It’s like, mid-90s Hugh Grant.


So like, you know who Mr. Darcy is right?


This is NOT Mr. Darcy. He’s like… sensitive ‘n shit.

“Your stables are well-kept”

Oh yeah. Darcy would never say that.

Men in these movies always have the worst pants! They’re SO BAD.

He just kinda always has a dopey expression.

Dopey expressions are what mid-90s Hugh Grant does best.

Yeah, I mean, it’s a CUTE dopey expression.

I am not a fan of that hat. It’s very weird.

The dialogue is like… very formal.

Believe it or not, this is much more approachable dialogue than the novel.

Oh no… is he going to propose?

Jesus this is a weird tangent.

What is your point man?!?

Ahh yes, tell her all about your schooling in Plymouth! And a school run by Mr. Pratt!

Remember that he says that though… I realize it sounds like I’m joking but I’m not.

“Your neck is so dirty you could grow a potato on it!”

Lol that’s a good diss.

He’s so transfixed! Wait how old is he?

He was 46.

Omg that’s too old for her.

Well I think the character is supposed to be about 36 here and she’s like, 18 or 19.

Ok that’s still weird but better.

This is very sexual… and she is very pretty. I see why the men are like “I must carry you!”

That’s intense. Also a good way to get hair in your mouth.

Is Imelda Staunton evil in this movie too???

No she’s just annoying as shit.

Lucy Steele is OBVIOUSLY in love with Hugh Grant!

Uh, yeah, something like that.

Ooooh! They’re taking a turn about the room! I love it when they do that!

Poor Lucy!

Don’t feel bad for that bitch. That was calculated AS FUCK.

Oh. Oh yeah it was. Wow.

Thoughts at halftime:

I feel like I don’t know how it’s going to turn out and usually I know by now. There’s limited men options. There’s only so many variations possible.

I think Marianne is gonna end up with Alan Rickman and Elinor is gonna end up with High Grant. Or maybe Elinor with Alan Rickman?

Oh is this gonna be the other brother? It would be nice if they introduced more men into this mix.

Why are his teeth so weird??

Because he’s English.

Oooh yeaaaah.

Well maybe he’ll be charming?


*10 seconds later*

Oooh no. He’s like the boiled potatoes guy.

Wait does Lucy end up with that guy?

Well, she’s still engaged to his brother right now.

Ehhh what’s one brother to another. Interchangeable brothers!


She’s gonna break it off with him now that he doesn’t have any money, watch.


That is a dumb hat too.

I like the fervor you have against the hats in this movie.

Well, they’re bad.

Most people really like them.

…I feel like that one dog in Go Dog Go that doesn’t like anyone’s hat.

Oh shit she’s really sick.

Wait that definitely did not help her.

I did not see this twist coming.

It would probably help if they stopped BLEEDING HER.

She’s trying not to look at his bad pants. That’s what that look was.

Yeah he definitely tucks to the left.

And at the end…

I wish I had more snarky things to say but I honestly loved it.

Thanks for being a good sport Sophia!! 😘

What about you? Do you remember watching Sense & Sensibility for the first time? What’s your earliest memory of it?


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11 thoughts on “25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 15 – Like A Virgin

  1. Sophia’s comment about the boiled potatoes guy — priceless! And I LOLed at your Go Dog Go reference — my favorite early reader. (But I actually thought you referring to Edward’s hat in that photo, it is heinous.

    I actually saw S&S for the first time in theaters in 1995, I wasn’t a Jane Austen fan yet and I’d hardly read any of the classics so it was all new to me. (I just always tried to see all the Oscar nominated movies.) S&S was my gateway drug to JA, now I’m a life member of JASNA.

    Loving this post as always!


  2. I first watched it two years ago. I was depressed because I fell in love with my best friend of since we were 10 y.o. and he fucking ditched me as a friend or acquaintance and everything, just started treating me like crap when I declared myself. YAY. That was two years before and I was still crying, feeling like shit because of course no one would ever love me if this guy who had known me for 14 years and knew ALL my moods and secrets and what not just ditched me completely and didn’t even feel bad about it. So it was Christmas ( which always gets me down as well) and I was flipping through channels wishing I could just die and be over with it and I saw a blonde Snape. That caught my eye and I stopped and of course wept some more because he had died earlier that year and though I only remembered him as Snape, I always had this weird thing where I liked him very much. And he died. Life was pretty shitty. I had caught the movie almost at the end, he was offering Edward the parish via Elinor, and when I saw his tortured look “Give me an occupation or I shall run mad,” I broke down in tears again because OMG he really loves her and I wished someone would love me and do all that for me too. Then I looked for the whole thing and watched it again and cried some more like an idiot for 2 hours and 20 minutes and fell completely in love with Brandon AND Alan Rickman. Made a plan to watch all his movies and that slowly got me out of depression. I watched two per week. Then I bought them all and the thrill of finding his damn hard movies to buy (and figuring out how to fucking pay for them since I’m unemployed – another cause for depression – and had to import most of them) got me further out of depression. Here I am two years later, relatively sane, owning all Alan Rickman’s movies and loving him to death (well, beyond death), writing Brandon and Marianne fanfiction. Never heard from the guy again (fucking great friend) though his mother still talks to me. HAHAHA. Christmas and New years still always get me down though which is why I watch Die hard and Love Actually and S&S again.


  3. Ok, this was not my first S&S adaptation exposure. S&S WAS the first Austen adaptation that I watched by myself, but it was the 08 version,I watched it chopped up on YouTube and I just loved everything about it.
    I confess, I’ve only seem this 95 version… I think Twice. It came out the year I was born and, oh! Harriet Walter! And half the cast of Harry Potter! Brandon was and still is my favourite Austen hero (contested only by dear Knightly) so I was Super duper excited to see Alan Rickman in the role.
    This is where the “but” comes in.
    I didn’t like it.
    I could clearly see how heavily it influenced the 08 version and set the pattern for all accessible Austen adaptations to come, but I just could find it in me to love this version. After David Morrissey’s stoic but subtle and nuanced portrayal, Alan’s performance seemed over-acted.
    On another note I also had to come to terms with Hugh Grant’s seeming lack of a neck in that cravat. I was about 16 at the time, and thus was disposed to be critical of everything so I don’t necessarily still stand by my tendency to refer to Grant as “Mr Ferrets”, but it was a prominent memory of my first viewing of this movie. I also couldn’t quite get past how old everyone was, and my hatred for Cornelius Fudge was so fresh that it rather soured Sir John for me, a character that I had come to know as insensitive, but on the whole very friendly and likable in measured doses.

    I watched it again a few years ago with a slightly more matured outlook, but still don’t recall liking it much. Id like to rewatch it with an even more objective mindset, now that I’m in the habit of serious comparison and contrast of adaptations.

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  4. Okay you youngsters, I was 37 when this came out.I probably did not see it in the theater because I had a 9 year old and a 2 year old. I most likely waited until it came out at the local Blockbuster and rented it. And just like Mrs. Dashwood, it is a miracle my life has extended this far! No matter when I saw it, I loved it. I read Jane Austen for the first time when I was 12 and have loved her ever since. So glad Sophia is now a Janeite.


  5. I knew nothing about Sense and Sensibility when this movie came out. And I don’t know how the heck I went through school and a lot of English classes in University and never read any Jane Austen. Anyway, it was all new to me. Later I made a New Year’s resolution to read all her books, cuz I was disgusted with myself for being so ignorant. Okay, to the question. From the top. I didn’t like Mr. Dashwood Sr. for dying without leaving his wife and three daughters better taken care of. I hated Fanny and that fat little spoiled kid (shades of his maternal uncle.) I wanted to shake Elinor’s ma and her younger sister for whinging over the smaller house. Yeah, we get it. Your husband screwed your future big time, grow a backbone. Grieve your loss and all but slap a brave face on it and pitch in, for gosh sakes. Mr. Willoughby was waaaaayy to pretty to be trustworthy. Colonel Brandon was my favorite hero ever. That face. And I only knew him from ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply,’ not ‘Die Hard.’ Mrs. Jennings needed a slap. Or at least a set-down. Self-delusional. Her daughter, what’s her name?? Mrs. Jennings Jr., how the hay did she manage to marry Dr. House? I liked him, though. That bitch Lucy Steele. What else can you say about her. hissssss… And that first time I watched the movie, I was really rooting for Edward. And he’s honorable, to a point. Couldn’t come out and tell Elinor he was engaged to someone, even though he pined for E. That’s not exactly honorable. What a wuss. But he was still sincere and lovely and came through for Elinor in the end. I mean, I was enthralled with anything period drama (I confess-still am) so I just went with the flow. I ate up the costumes and scenery bad hats and bad pants and all. I’ve been loving your posts.

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  6. I saw this movie for the first time in a theater on my college campus – they were doing a double showing: Get Shorty and S&S. My friends were going for Get Shorty and I was just tagging along, not really interested in either. After seeing this movie I could not stop thinking about it, it was my first Austen adaptation and it was the catalyst that started a long love affair with all things Austen


  7. I love this post! Thanks, Sophia!

    I saw this movie in the theater at the impressionable age of 17, so of course I loved it right away. And then I did a senior paper on Jane Austen, which prompted my teacher to tell me I was a good writer, so I decided to major in English in college, which meant I had to go to graduate school because you can’t do anything else with an English degree, and so I went to law school.

    Huh. This movie and Jane Austen are sorta responsible for my career path. Go figure.

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  8. When this came out, I was in high school (I’m old!) and had to choose between seeing this with my mom or going to a party with some girls who were much cooler than I was. I’m happy to say I made the right choice.

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  9. Sophia is on point with her commentary on the hats. Lucy’s hat when she comes to visit Elinor is atrocious! Elinor’s hat while riding with Edward is also hideous. I’ve always felt this way and I’m happy someone else seeing it for the first time had the same reaction. Priceless.

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