25 Days of Sense & Sensibility: Day 4 – Less Than Fully-Assed

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It’s Day 4 and I’m starting to get annoyed… (But that’s still twice as long as I thought it was going to take!)

You know what’s annoying? Fuckin Marianne and her fuckin DRAMA. Also annoying? Stupid Mrs. Jennings and her stupid daughter and their stupid words that come out of their stupid mouths. Annoyed at Mr. Dashwood who has to go and DIE and cause all this nonsense. Annoyed at Lucy Steele’s STUPID FACE. Annoyed at Fanny because DUH. Annoyed at the dumb atlas. Annoyed at Willoughby’s stupid high flyer. Annoyed at Robert Ferrars and his dumb front teeth.


But fuck everything else right now. (Especially the wigs!)

Anyway, you all very patiently sat through what was basically a goddamn thesis on Willoughby yesterday, so I thought I’d make it up to you and do something far more light-hearted.

I dug through (I shit you not) more than 2000 of the photos and memes on our Facebook page and pulled out every single one I could find that references this movie. There’s quite a few!!! (But I did learn we need to stop leaning so heavily on P&P for our stupid jokes lol)

I hope you get a giggle out of them!

We obviously have to start with the drinking game:

And next up are some of my all-time faves: Sense and Sea Lions

Then I guess at some point we made a bunch of Olympic memes? Whatever, you laughed, admit it.

And then we got REAL somber after the 2016 election and the only way to express our despair was through Crying Marianne.

In fact, we have a lot of Crying Marianne memes. In fact… there might be too many.

And some excellent wordplay:

Then there was some #princessbrideandprejudice that I never figured out a good S&S pun for:

And a random Hamilton reference for good measure:

But some really good ones aren’t even ours!

And honestly, I can’t think of cute things to say for the rest so here’s just a bunch more

I hope some of these made you laugh! ❤️ Tune in tomorrow for a less half-assed post 😂 but still not fully-assed because I’ve got a rep to maintain, y’know?

Tell us which one is your favorite or share a new one in the comments! -R

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