25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 24: Joy To The Memes

Holy shit, I cannot believe I am almost done with this. Like a horrible, horrible advent calendar, I’ve somehow managed to make it to Day 24, and for some unknown reason, several thousand of you have actually been READING this on a day basis.


I mean, I already know what’s wrong with me, but you have no excuse!! Go outside! Make some friends! There’s no room on this door, so leave me behind! (That being said, #JackCouldHaveFit 😤)

However, I suppose it’s only fair to finish this whole thing out in style, and since I have something already planned for our big finale tomorrow, I thought it might be fun to take a look back for today. Drunk Austen just turned 4 years old a few weeks ago and I can hardly believe it. We’re rounding in on 50,000 Facebook followers and totally steamrolled past 5,000 on Twitter just the other day, with our Instagram count to follow suit any day now.

One of the things we’re most proud of here at DA is our original content, so for our second-to-last-day here, I dug DEEEEEEEEP into our archives and pulled out some of the best memes that feature our star adaption 🙌🏻

These were actually some of our first original memes on Drunk Austen. That’s probably far more interesting to me than you, but idgaf! (I stand by my recent revelation that Mary looks like a bat, though.)

This one below has been copied so many times that I’ve officially given up on correcting people when I tell them it was mine originally 🙄

Ah, topical social satire. Jane would be so proud. This one came just as Miss Colombia was in-crowned in favor of Miss Philippines at the Miss Universe debacle some years ago. I stand by my theory that there’s little funnier in this world than badly-pasted-on heads.

Honestly these few are among some of our most popular memes we’ve ever made. The Running Lizzy has been ripped off by so many people, it’s a wonder Admin B hasn’t gone commando on their asses yet.

This one actually made it as my personal Header Pic on Twitter for a long time:

Then I guess we went a bit Hamilton nuts, along with the rest of the country. There were some great ones that are definitely worth a scroll back in our Facebook albums, especially if you’re a big Hamilton fan, but I didn’t include them here because they’ve got different movies featured.

And then we went full-bartender on yo asses with these themed concoctions:

Here’s an offering of unrelated, yet hilarious creations. I’m starting to realize B and I have WAY too much time on our hands but DAMN we’re funny. This is literally just the selection I grabbed that stars P&P 2005. There were a million more memes featuring the other variations. I highly recommend taking a stroll through our archives if you’re ever bored!

Honestly, The Princess Bride showing up on Netflix was a godsend for great memes.

My only regret with thee was that I hadn’t figure out how to line the lettering in black yet, so they’re a bit hard to read.

This year we used Darcy’s sexy smolder to remind everyone about their very important NaNoWriMo commitments:

And again, we like to stay topical. Also it helps to weed out the dumb ones.

Here’s a bunch that wound up on our Insta, but never found their way over to Facebook:

And ending on a festive note!!

Hey, don’t forget today is the LAST DAY to enter to win our giveaway! If you’ve liked ANY of these posts, please do us the honor of sharing the love on your own pages. You can enter by sharing any one of these 25 Days of Pride & Prejudice blogs on your Facebook or by tagging us at @Drunk_Austen on Twitter and IG. You can also simply hashtag us at #DrunkAusten.

Catch up on the first 23 days here before our big finish tomorrow; you won’t want to miss it!

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And, now that it’s over, here’s all the rest:

Day 25

-Admin R

2 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 24: Joy To The Memes

  1. Highly entertaining, as usual! Looking forward to asking folks tomorrow if their families are in good health, lol. Congrats on near completion!


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