25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 20: All The Small Things

I don’t know about you, but for me, sometimes there are parts of a movie that are so small, that I feel like no one else notices them but me. They feel personal, a reminder of why I like the film, and unintentionally (I think) make me feel like I have a secret to share with the filmmaker.

I notice them every time I watch and sometimes I even look out for them. Is this habit unique to me? I can’t help but feel like it’s an odd way of watching a movie but I do love finding these tiny, familiar Easter eggs.

Pride & Prejudice has so many of these small moments, and as we near the end of our 25 Days, after so many days of kind of poking fun at all the funny things, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the scenes and blink-and-you-miss-it moments and share them with you.

Mary’s lisp at the beginning when she says “WHO’S got wartsssth?!” It’s my absolute favorite ❤

When Bingley pops up like a Jack-in-the-box after he proposes to Jane. Makes me laugh every time!

When Mr. Gardiner says “What a capital fellow!” about Mr. Darcy as though he’s not right there? Took me forever to realize Darcy was actually in that scene with him because who says that about someone standing right there???

Caroline’s face in the background of nearly every scene she’s in (it’s hilarious, but you have to look carefully for it sometimes!)

Mr. Darcy’s ping-pong way of speaking, as though he’s just delivering his lines because someone else went first and now he has to return them. (It used to annoy me but now I find it highly amusing!)

When Lizzy and Caroline return to their seats after taking a turn about the room, and we see them cross paths and then sit while he camera is framed on Darcy in the foreground — I love it because it so perfectly illustrates the choice in front of him.

That little lean to the side Mr. Collins does to peer around the doorjamb when he first arrives. And equally, that little lean back he has to when Darcy almost takes him out with his elbow.

Lizzy’s quiet sigh in a dark corner during the Netherfield Ball so perfectly encapsulates how I feel at large parties.

I love sharing my thoughts on scenes like these with people because I think they have the ability to change the way we watch movies — it’s too easy to stay in our own lanes every time and never change our opinions. If we watch it through someone else’s eyes, it may open up new ideas about the characters or plot for us.

For instance, one of our followers mentioned the other day when we talked about background characters that she loves Mr. Gardiner’s face when he hears Mrs. Gardiner say “There’s something pleasant about his mouth when he speaks…” and it totally changed how I think about Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner. Just a simple eyebrow quirk and he’s one of my favorite characters now.

So what about you? What are some of your favorite, less-obvious hallmark moments? Please share them with me in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 20: All The Small Things

  1. Mr. Bennett’s silent chuckle behind his glass and the exchanged glances with Lizzy, during that awkward dinner with Mr.Collins.


  2. Charlotte’s look of “Incredibly pleased with myself and can’t believe how lucky I have suddenly become, and I’m being so careful not to screw this up…” when she first takes Elizabeth to see Lady CdB…


  3. 1. I know you think Kitty doesn’t exist, but I love her small moments of being helpful— adjusting Mrs. Bennet’s shawl & tidying the drawing room before Bingley’s return.
    2. Mary’s dash for the stairs when Lady Catherine descends upon the Bennets.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My favorite “secret ” moment from this film is the barely audible response that Mr. Bennett gives when Kitty and Lydia approach him with, “Father, you will never guess…” news of the militia. He quickly responds under his breath, “You’re taking the veil.”
    Lol. It cracks me up every single time.


  5. No favourite moments for me, I have watched this film twice and thankfully erased it from my mind, though it does have my favourite looking Mary


  6. The long shot after Elizabeth has received the letter and is feeling totally overwhelmed and small.


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