25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 12: We’re All Mad Here

I’ve had babies on the mind lately, and though I’ve been studiously trying to pour bleach into my eyes in an attempt to wipe the picture of me with a baby from my brain, it’s not working.

So on my 12th watching, (which is just about half-done, thank god!!!) I started to wonder what Lizzy and Darcy’s babies would look like. (Don’t even try to tell me you’ve never thought about it.)

Well let me just say this: Those dumb baby-morphers used to be freaking everywhere (especially on Facebook) and now I couldn’t find anything but two stupidly expensive apps. So for the sake of YOUR AMUSEMENT, I spent a whole FIVE DOLLARS on this article today.


Please help a gal out and hit that like or follow button and show me it wasn’t all in vain or stupidity.

So five dollars and a WHOLE LOT of regret later, here’s some baby faces for fictional characters according to some overpriced iPhone app:

Honestly that’s not half bad, though anyone who thought Darcy and Lizzy would have ugly kids clearly wasn’t paying attention.

Here’s Bingley and Jane’s:

This brat looks like he’s going to try and push me down the stairs with his tricycle or something.

Here’s Lydia and Wickham’s crotchfruit:

Heaven Sent, my ass. He’s gonna be holding hands with Jane and Bingley’s kid in a hallway, asking me to come play.

And finally, Charlotte and Collins’ unholy spawn:

You really gotta wonder who dropped that poor kid on his head.

Just for shits and giggles, I did Lizzy and Collins together too:

Huh. That kid is actually… not awful? Lizzy MUST have strong genes.

By the way, I highly recommend this app over the other one I bought first which churned out nightmare fuel like this:

Can you guess which demon spawn belongs to which parents? Scroll down to the very bottom for answers.

Have fun sleeping tonight!

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-Admin R

(Answers: (1) Lizzy/Darcy (2)Jane/Bingley and (3) Charlotte/Collins.)

22 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 12: We’re All Mad Here

  1. Comcast cut my line on Tuesday so I was unable to keep up with you this week. OMG!! I am so glad my family is not home this morning to hear me laughing like a crazy person. My sides hurt from reading this! And no, we cannot unsee those gollum babies.


  2. I was watching the bonus material on the dvd this weekend (yes, you inspired me to watch it…once). They were talking about Darcy and how the actor screen tested – that they knew that for Darcy they didn’t want just a pretty boy, but someone with depth. I think this kind od relates to your post today about looks/genes if the characters got together. Thoroughly enjoying your posts! You can do it!


  3. How about getting a refund for this nightmarish app? They are so scary, goodness me!
    A good thing real babies are not made with apps 😉 And you can have so many combinations coming from the same parents…. and the arrangements of features on a face are not all, the personality shines out, even on a baby’s face. Please banish these horrors from your mind.


  4. Oh, my! So glad you persisted and went on to a second app to make babies. The ones from your first app look like products of a drug-induced nightmare. Your followers thank you for your dedication to this 25-day project. You rock!


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