25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 6: Serving Fierce Face

Remember when I said yesterday I was going to try and watch the movie backward? Yeah that did not happen. I could not figure out how. I still want to though, so if anyone knows of a way, please let me know! (For the record, I don’t own the DVD or VHS, I only have the movie on iTunes.)

By the way, it took me four freaking hours to watch the movie tonight because I was dicking around on Facebook and making a paper chain for Christmas. Someone please remind me not to do that again. 😫

So before we start with Day 6, there is something I want to quickly address:


(Those of you who have followed the page for awhile had to have known you were never going to get out of this project without at least one rant about this!)

Some of you seem to be laboring under the impression that I’m watching this movie because I hate it and wish to torture myself.

That’s simply not true.

I’m making fun of the movie this month because I like to make fun of everything. It’s how I deal with being alive… and probably because I didn’t have many friends in high school. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Admin B and I really try to be welcoming of all fans, of any style of Austen. I get that you might like one adaption over another, but unlike some other pages that shall remain nameless, we’re not gonna allow people to be shitty about it on Drunk Austen. Good rule of thumb: No one is ever dumber or worse or less worthy of being heard because they like something different than you.

Please stop assuming I hate this movie. That’s all I wanted to say!


Ok, now that we’ve got that over with, let’s talk about Day 6!

Since my plan to watch the movie backwards didn’t pan out (yet!) I decided to have a scroll through the Facebook comments on our page over the last few days, and someone mentioned how much she loved all of the furtive glances and touches throughout the movie.

I like the idea of paying attention to the background moments, and I really had to pay attention tonight in a way that I don’t usually pay attention to whatever’s on my TV.

Sure, there’s some obvious moments, like Darcy handing Lizzy up into the carriage or when Lizzy and Darcy see each other for the first time and quickly look away with confused faces, but I wanted to focus on some of the best scenes in the movie: When a character makes a great face in the background and it feels like a secret only you’ve noticed. It’s scenes like these that really make this movie so great!

  1. Lizzy’s eyeroll at the beginning when Mrs. Bennet complains about her poor nerves for the first time.
  2. Mary’s bored AF stare at the Meryton ball. I feel you Mary girl.
  3. Mr. Bennet’s bored AF bow at Darcy when he first meets him. (Clearly Mary gets it from Papa.)
  4. Jane and Bingley just missing each other’s looks at the Meryton Ball and Bingley’s face when they can join hands during the dance.
  5. Bingley’s shocked stare when Mrs. Bennet starts gossiping about Charlotte’s looks in front of him.
  6. Mrs Bennet’s hurt look when Lizzy says Jane “may well die of shame from having such a mother.”
  7. Caroline Bingley’s quick, assessing glance at Mr. Darcy’s reaction when Lizzy is announced at Netherfield.
  8. Caroline’s hurt look at Darcy, then a quick look at his letter, when Darcy asks to “defer her raptures” as he doesn’t have enough room on paper. (I mean, honestly she was only trying to make conversation and Darcy was a total dick right then.)

  9. Bingley’s nose scrunch. Omg, I LOVE Bingley’s nose scrunch.
  10. How every time Caroline throws a barb at Lizzy, she watches for Darcy’s reaction.
  11. Mr. Collins watching all the sisters at the dinner table like a beady little rat waiting for a scrap to fall.
  12. Mrs. Bennet’s pissed off look when Collins mentions that Anne DeBourgh is to inherit. Damn that pesky primogeniture clause in Mr. Bennet’s estate!
  13. The stfu glare Lizzy throws Kitty when she asks if Lizzy dropped her handkerchief on purpose too.
  14. Lizzy is TOTALLY checking out Wickham’s ass in those tight militia pants.

  15. Betsy the maid, 100% ignoring Lydia calling for her.
  16. All of Mary’s eyerolls. Just, all of them. Always.
  17. Jane’s sisterly I-Can’t-Wait-For-What’s-About-To-Happen-To-You stare at Lizzy before her dance with Collins at the Netherfield Ball.
  18. Bingley reaching for Jane’s ribbon, which, no matter how many times I watch it, I still think he’s trying to grab her ass.
  19. When Mary sees Collins come into the dining room first and gives him an encouraging smile.
  20. When Collins is talking in his hall at home and turns around and realizes no one is listening to him…
  21. The way Charlotte’s smile drops a little when Collins inadvertently calls Lizzy “truly humble.”
  22. When Lizzy is just trying to eat her god. damn. soup.

  23. Darcy’s pissed off little neck crack when Lizzy asks him to defend his actions toward Wickham.
  24. The single tear on Lizzy’s cheek when she tells Jane in bed that she saw Darcy at Rosings. Fuckin masterful.
  25. Lizzy’s total mortification when Darcy catches up to her in the garden.
  26. How Mr. And Mrs. Gardener immediately begin to gossip as soon as Darcy leaves them at the Inn.
  27. Betsy the maid’s wtf face when Lydia tells her she simply must go to Brighton to find a husband.
  28. The random townsperson’s confused look when Mrs. Bennet doesn’t react to his gossip the way he thought she would.
  29. When Elizabeth starts to call something out after Darcy when he turns to leave.
  30. Kitty’s bored AF yawn at Mary’s reading.
  31. Lizzy’s barely contained rage at Lady Catherine’s speech and Lady Catherine’s look of disgust when she shows her the door.
  32. And my face, when I realize I’ve almost got a whole week done!!

Seriously, please hit me up with your best ideas for more articles—I ‘m surprised I had enough to fill a week so far.

(I’ll keep working on the watching-it-backwards thing too. We shall prevail!)

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-Admin R

32 thoughts on “25 Days of Pride & Prejudice, Day 6: Serving Fierce Face

  1. I’ve always wondered how many times each person wore certain dresses or coats. The drinking game idea based on Mrs. Bennet’s nerves, or snarky comments from Caroline would be good. I’ve got a bottle of red just waiting for that!


  2. Totally with you on loving all the subtlety of this movie, thanks for documenting it in your awesome, sarcastic way!!


  3. How about creating a drinking game. Like every time someone says the word “nerves” or deportment. (I love that word – deportment). Or calculate the glazing on the windows Lady Catherine paid for in modern times.
    Ps: I speak fluently in sarcasm and drunk Austen- thus love this movie equally. No need to explain yourself 😉


  4. Definitely a day of costume/wardrobe. And a day in the life of the servants. My girlfriends and I sit down and watch the A&E version every New Year’s day and you’re dredging up some really fun memories – like counting the times Darcy gets wet. Keep it up, these are a hoot to read!


  5. How Brenda Blethyn is a far superior Mrs Bennet, but Donald Sutherland is a terrible Mr Bennet (why the need to cast an American?).
    What’s with the sculpture room scene?


    1. Donald Sutherland is Canadian and studied acting in London. He is a credible Mr. Bennet, distracted and sarcastic. And who wouldn’t want him for a father?


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