Tea time with NovelTea Tins

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a reader in possession of a good book must be in want of tea,” a very… unique Jane Austen says, while holding a book-shaped tea tin.
Tea + puns + Jane Austen? That covers the majority of the Drunk Austen values (only strong alcohol is missing, but we know we’ll be using the tea tin to hide our flask). Pride and Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist and Matcha Do About Nothing are all on the rewards list, along with other, fantastic options.
So, with 31 days to go (as of this writing) I highly encourage you to check out this Kickstarter. I know I would love for them to be funded so I can sip on some Pride and Peppermint.
Here’s a quick Q&A from the team behind NovelTea Tins:
First off, and most importantly, what is your favorite Jane Austen novel?
It is a truth not-universally acknowledged that classic literature is an essential medium for people to live together in a thriving society. Like other forms of art, great novels and great fiction provide a venue for transcending our own lives and stepping into those of others –like the lives of oppressed women in Victorian England, or those of systemically disadvantaged poor children, living on the streets of London. By reading and discussing these characters and worlds, we grow compassionate to the plights and circumstances of other people. That compassion is one form of making our society a better place. In this way, we become better friends, children, parents, strangers and citizens. Furthermore, our mutual indulgence in the art form of great literature is a playground for our minds and morals, we can compare our emotions and discuss our opinions in the context of these stories. Sharing is indeed caring and classic literature is one particularly intimate way of learning how to recognize the world from others’ eyes and finding connections with each other.
This is a long-winded preface and not quite what you’ve asked (sorry)… but it is a Sunday, and I’m outside at the Cafe again…
In this context we knew Jane Austen was an essential author in any classics collection (books, or tea tins). No doubt, many of her non-readers think she is some stodgy romance novelist, but obviously that is far from the reality of her work. Simply said, Jane Austen was a humorist, social commentator, feminist, and brilliant writer. Knowing these things, we arrived on Jane Austen’s threshold with an offering of Pride and Peppermint. As we shared the idea online, her flavor and title were subsequently molded and improved by the largesse and passion of Austenites worldwide. We love you all! It would be getting ahead of ourselves to say that any other Austen novel were our favorite, as of now, we’re simple but loyal lovers of Pride and Prejudice.
What inspired NovelTeas?

The idea was conceived during a holiday brunch preparation in 2015. My sisters had cornered me in the kitchen, intent on slapping me in the face with cream-covered spatulas (for no good reason). I grabbed the only thing I could reach from the counter, it was a wet tea bag, and as raised it up as a peace offerings I said, “take a noveltea instead of me!” After having a cream-covered chuckle at the accidental pun and then indulging it even further, the concept of bringing teas and books together made PERFECT sense and so NovelTeas was born as an idea. Jorgen and Mitch then gave it real legs, Jorgen as the brilliant artistic mind behind every tin and Mitch as a savvy investor with a vision for a business rather than “just a joke”.

Should you get funded, what future blends can we expect?
Oh my gosh, so many ideas… Jane Pear, Sense and Scentability, Count of Mint Tea Cristo, One Flew Over the Lemon Zest, Wuthering Heights (TBD), American Fiction, Eastern Literature…  We are looking very much forward to some Steampunk (duh)…the list goes on and on and on and one day soon will include more than just tea 🙂
How did you come up with the punny tea blends?
It’s a combination of three things:
A) There is a classic title we want to NovelTea (verb form)
II) There is a flavor for that story which we can describe with our taste pallet
3) There is a pun that suits both the taste and the title of the novel (the most frustrating part sometimes)
To give you some personal sense for how wonderfully challenging this can be, try making a NovelTea Tin pun and tea out of Moby Dick.
What does your dream tea-tray look like? Scones, sandwiches, pizza (gasp!)?
Dr. Bavafa (dentist) please avert your eyes
Cookies. The Russian ones with the powder, the golden brown ones with the argyle pattern, any with jelly. Also little tea sandwiches stacked next to each other? Paradise on a plate. Finally, my dark horse, Dang Coconut Crisps. Obviously, there needs to be an old book with a crispy binding nearby.
We MUST know, how much fun was it to film the promotional shorts you’ve made for the campaign? (And does your Jane Austen do guest appearances? Ha!)
Fun? Oh no, that was hard work, pure and simple 🙂 And I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say, “My” Jane Austen. That beautiful woman is very much her own person. Indeed, if anyone would like her to make a guest appearance, then I’d be happy to pass it along. I believe she’s currently on a picnic.
Anything else you’d like people to know?
HUGE THANK YOU to all the Austenites that have helped us with the design of the tin and in thinking about the tea flavor. As well as to every single backer who has put a smile on our faces and a cheer among our conversation as we’ve worked hard to show our vision to others online and to make NovelTeas a success for all.
-Admin B

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