The PPZ clothing line at Hot Topic

With all films comes cross-promotion. Lord knows there’s not a product that hasn’t in some way been emblazoned with Star Wars ads. So I shouldn’t be surprised with the release of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies clothing at Hot Topic.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed.


A lot of the clothes use this Zombie-cameo print, which I would love a tote made out of. This lace trimmed tank isn’t awful, but what is going on in this? It’s Regency, not Gothic. The characters don’t wear anything like this in the film.


Regency doesn’t mean babydoll. Sure, it’s getting close to period silhouettes, but no cigar. Still, this makes more sense with the film than the tank. It at least resembles something worn in the film. Hey, maybe they could have extended the hem and just made it floor-length? Maxi dresses are in, is it that much of a risk?


I hate that I love the high-waisted undies, but I’m very aware that these are NOWHERE near being period accurate. Admittedly, period accurate undies probably wouldn’t be deemed that sexy, but still, even the corset in the collection is so not right. Also, what is that lace necklace? Is it from a steampunk collection?

(Above corset and info about actual Regency undies can be found here.)


I think even the model knows costumers and historians are going to be enraged with this one. Hey, she’s wearing pants, any hope that Hot Topic will be selling the high-waisted pants we see Lizzy sporting in the film? I’d buy those.


In the movie we see lots of ruffled panties, so why not actually make bloomers instead of a skirt thing?


We do get this dress, but it’s not even full-length! I like the fabric, but this is a a Lolita dress more than anything related to the film or the era.

Conclusion: I’m confused by this product line because there’s little inspiration from the film itself. I can excuse the issues with period accuracy because it’s a fantasy film, but at least give us something that makes sense for the movie! T-shirts would make more sense than ruffled skirt garter things!

I’m shamelessly hoping that the epic blue coat Lizzy wears (or even her leathery-cincher) will be sold at some point. At least let me be able to cosplay this film!

What do you think? Will you be buying any of the clothes in this line?

-Admin B




2 thoughts on “The PPZ clothing line at Hot Topic

  1. Yuck. I actually got my hopes up there, and then…yuck.

    Would it fucking kill them to do some empire-waisted maxi dresses? Or, as you say, bloomers? Let alone the *stunning* coat?


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