We need a new Pride and Prejudice

One week ago I suggested a new version of Pride and Prejudice be made. It’s not like we don’t have enough adaptations of the classic already (I mean, we’re getting Unleashing Mr. Darcy this month and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in time for Valentine’s Day), but I suggested a very specific version.

If you’ve been following Drunk Austen on Twitter (@Drunk_Austen), then you know we routinely do livetweets of films. I noticed that Admin R’s multiple livetweets of Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice, got an overwhelmingly positive response. People loved seeing a diverse cast acting out their favorite love story.

Having spent my weekend on Tumblr, I came across an image of Oscar Isaac emerging from a pool, looking very much like a modern Darcy (admittedly, a drenched-Darcy that did not exist in the novel, but that has become something of a staple in the retellings of the story).

So I tweeted to our followers.

As of this writing we have hundreds of RTs and Favs, but the best part of this was the amazing responses we got. People were dream-casting the imaginary film, suggesting the perfect Lizzies and Wickhams and Bingleys.

People were passionately calling for my off-hand suggestion to become a reality. Why? Because, some of us would love to see the classic story made with people that look like us.

We live in a time where Hamilton is making headlines for being spectacular, but also where people are praising the idea of casting a truly diverse cast. Master of None takes aim at the Hollywood idea that one person of color is enough to appease an audience, but what audience?

Sure, an all Latino version of Pride and Prejudice would be amazing (and I am very much a fan of the suggestion that it be set in colonial Central America), but what it most telling about the reaction we got was that people want to see a legitimately unique cast.

After all, don’t we all deserve a chance to have a Lizzy who we can actually relate to?

Anyway, please check out the original post and let us know what you think with a reply.

-Admin B

2 thoughts on “We need a new Pride and Prejudice

  1. This is such a fab idea! What’s brilliant is that the madcap familial machinations of Pride & Prejudice are still alive and well in so many cultures, like Indian or Latino, and it would make so much sense to recreate them with a diverse cast. Also, we would get to bring the glory of the cravat to so many different cultures…


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