What would Jane Austen drink?

We’ve all been there, sitting around on a Saturday night, trying to figure out what wine goes best with Pride and Prejudice. In the spirit (heh) of the fast-approaching holiday season I bring you a quick roundup of some Regency recipes you can attempt to make yourself or use for inspiration.

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Spruce Beer

I read in “The Drunken Botanist” that our dear Jane not only drank spruce beer, but she also brewed it herself. The passage also reminds us that the beer is mentioned in a conversation between Knightley and Elton in Emma.

If you want a holistic review of spruce beer, check out this page on the 18th Century Notebook. The Jane Austen Centre also has a recipe. Let me know if you can find food-grade spruce.

You can also make yourself a refreshing ginger beer.


While I typically buy my mead from Trader Joe’s, I’m sure you could make your own batch of the honey-filled beverage yourself.

If you can get your hands on a couple (or 18) lbs. of honey then try your hand at this recipe.


With a name that rolls of the tongue, who could resist Negus? Mentioned in the Watsons, this zesty wine-punch reminds me of sangria. Here’s a recipe for Negus and here’s one for sangria (which probably hadn’t migrated from the New World yet, but I’m a fan).

Regent’s Punch

Tea and champagne come together in this delightful punch. You can also make it without the alcohol, I guess.

Mulled Wine

Who doesn’t love some wine time? I think a good glass can really inspire the soul while watching an Austen-film. Anyway, here’s a recipe from “A New System of Domestic Cookery.”

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2 thoughts on “What would Jane Austen drink?

  1. And Negus was also in Jane Eyre…that was what Mrs. Fairfax had the maid get Jane to warm her up after the long journey when she first came to Thornfield…my conclusion is that it is popular with all Janes!


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