Mansfield Mondays: Chap 21-30


Summary (If your book is divided into three parts then it will be chapters 3 through 12 of Part 2.)

Maria marries Mr. Rushworth! He daddy gives her a chance to get out of the engagement, but she is hell-bent on keeping the match ($$$) she’s made. Julia goes with her on the honeymoon and Fanny is left at Mansfield, where suddenly all eyes turn to her.

Miss Mary Crawford strikes up a friendship with Fanny. Resulting in long harp sessions and an invitation to dine with the Grants. Lady Bertram has issue with such a generous invite because it would mean Fanny would not be there to attend to her every whim. (BOO LADY BERTRAM AND HER SELFISHNESS!) Dear Fanny gets to attend this not-so-regal dinner and Mr. Henry Crawford happens to be back in town. Suddenly Henry is all about Fanny (“My plan is to make Fanny Price in love with me.”). Without her loud and revolting cousins around people can actually take notice of the sweet, silent woman that she has become.

William comes back for a visit, leaving Fanny completely beyond herself with happiness. Much to Mrs. Norris’ chagrin, William is a hit with the Park. Even Henry is jealous of the life William has had (ah, to work hard for a living, such a fun life that must be! NOT.), but mostly because it makes him genuinely more interesting and respectable.

A ball is thrown for the Price siblings by Sir Thomas (again, to the chagrin of Mrs. Norris.). This is essentially Fanny’s coming out party and it’s a bigger deal than she realizes, not having grown up with the expectation of coming out like her cousins had. She’s the belle of the ball and by the end of the night Mr. Crawford is entirely in love with her (though the same can’t be said about Fanny’s feelings about him).

Mansfield feels suddenly empty after William and Henry head out, Edmund leaves to take on his orders and the lady Bertrams are still absent. Mary is still clearly in love with Edmund, but will not marry a clergyman, so she’s in a funk. Henry returns and informs her that he intends to wed Fanny.

Favorite Quotes

“You must really begin to harden yourself to the idea of being worth looking at. – You must try not to mind growing up into a pretty woman.” – Edmund being sternly complimentary of Fanny.

“Henry Crawford had destroyed her happiness, but he should not know that he had done it; he should not destroy her credit, her appearance, her prosperity too.” Maria being SO OVER Henry (for now).

“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I have ever heard of.” Mary Crawford preachin’.


Would you trust Henry Crawford?

If you had to live our your days at the servant of either Lady Bertram, Mrs. Norris or Mrs. Price, who would you pick?

If you were Maria would you have broken your engagement to Rushworth?

How do you think the “bread of idleness” tastes?

Is Mary really in love with Edmund?

Is Henry really in love with Fanny?


ADMIN B is a bookhoardermedia maven and secret romantic (shhh).

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