I’m Probably Not Getting My Classic Alice Kickstarter Perks… And Why I’m OK With That

If you’ve been following us here at Drunk Austen at all, you know we’re fans of a little series called Classic Alice. We even volunteered to host the fan-run book club for the series, and I personally enjoy talking to other fans of the series through twitter and other platforms on a regular basis.

That’s why yesterday, when Kickstarter backers got an email explaining that we would not be able to receive the physical perks we had paid for, I was a little sad.

No, I wasn’t sad because I probably wouldn’t get the poster from the $35 level, I was sad because I know there’s going to be some people out there who will demand their money back from the Classic Alice team.

And I want to tell you why that’s wrong.


We paid to kickstart (in every sense of the word) an independent film project being produced by people we trusted to tell us a story. We did NOT kickstart a project for a Classic Alice mug.

Let me put it another way: Kickstarter is not a shop where you go to buy a mug that has the title of your favorite show on them. Go to Etsy if you want that. You don’t back a project to get the perks, the perks come with the backing as a means of saying thank you. They don’t really have to offer them you know, and we don’t really need them. If you pull your backing from CA simply because you’re not getting the mug that was supposed to come with your level, what kind of message is that sending as a fan? That you love the show, but only if you get extra gifts out of it?

Firefly fans didn’t try to save their show because they were going to get a mug. Community fans aren’t working their asses off to appeal the cancellation because they think they’ll get a poster. They’re doing it for love of the show. Because they love the story just as much as Joss Whedon and Dan Harmon did. We love Classic Alice because we love the vision Kate has for it.

And when you decided to donate money, you did so because you loved Classic Alice just as much as I did, and just as much as the other 250+ backers who raised a total of $9,522; blowing the original $8,000 goal out of the water.

I believe that Kate Hackett and J.D. Compton (writer/creator and director, respectively) will deliver an amazing Season Two for us, because delivering us a Season Two is far more important than delivering a mug.

They’re just like us, twenty/thirty-somethings who are trying to make it in their chosen profession, and struggling a little. I think we all can relate to that these days. They put their patience and faith in us to save the show and we came through. I think we need to have a little patience and a little faith in them now.

I know Kate is trying incredibly hard to make sure we do get those mugs and posters, but I don’t think she should have to spend thousands of dollars of her own money to get them to us. That’s selfish on OUR parts. They said they needed $8,000 to deliver the show, and they got it. If they have to eat into that to appease the fans, then we’re starting to become the problem, guys.

I think Kate put it best in her email when she said “I am going to sacrifice the merchandise for the sake of the show.”

For the sake of the show is the reason we donated in the first place. For the sake of the show is the reason we’re fans. And for the sake of the show, please don’t pitch a fit over a mug. Let’s show other fandoms how it’s done.


– Admin R is a picker, a grinner, a lover, and a sinner, but most of all: A fan.

2 thoughts on “I’m Probably Not Getting My Classic Alice Kickstarter Perks… And Why I’m OK With That

  1. I agree – a perk is a perk. I’m disappointed, yeah, but I’m not angry, and I’m definitely not pulling my pledge. I pledged because I want to see another season of the show, and I want the cast/crew to get paid (or at the very least, not have to fund out of pocket).

    At least Kate gave us an update, and she’s doing the best she can to still try and get us those perks anyway. And she’s doing it pretty much on her own, yo.


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