WWJAD: Fine Eyes


Dear Jane,

There’s this guy at work that is just insanely infuriating. He’s rude, he makes snap judgments and always has something snobby to say. Plus he’s always talking about his accomplishments. Please. Like being rich is an accomplishment. But it’s come to me through a reliable line of workplace gossip that he’s actually into me…he mentioned something to my friend about how my eyes are pretty… And I might be a little bit into him too. He is insanely hot, after all. But I just don’t know what to do. I think he would literally drive me MAD if we dated. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Constant fighting, probably. But still, something is nagging at the back of my brain to give it a try. Do you think I should?


Fine Eyes


Dear Fine Eyes,

Some of the best make out sessions I’ve had have been with men I hated on some level. Hatred is an intense emotion and sometimes dislike for someone can mask some real feelings. Sometimes we even use that to hide those feelings.

He sounds like a Darcy, so maybe there’s another side to him. Perhaps he thinks showing off is the way to project himself to make them interested? Or maybe he’s just that self-obsessed?

Why not see what he’s like outside of work? Arrange a work-pals gathering and talk to him there, maybe he’ll be different outside of the workplace. If you still loathe him then don’t make moves, but if you like the guy then maybe hint at a date. Trust your gut.

Sincerely yours,

Drunk Austen


-Admin B is a journalist, filmmaker and nerd.

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