Five Ways to Channel Your Inner-Emma

I’m a total Mary. Yes. I’m a Mary Bennet. I prefer to stay home, practice my pianoforte (coding, but it uses a keyboard) and reference random classics at will.

Sadly I can’t be Mary my whole life because I secretly have ambition. How can a total Mary get her but kicked into a goddess of success with a cloud of admirers constantly buzzing around? You have to channel your inner-Emma. Trust me.

We all have an inner Lizzie and Emma and Fanny, and we need to take advantage of these untapped resources. Here are five ways you can improve your lifestyle by being (positively) influenced by our dear Miss Woodhouse.


1. Be confident. I know this is easier said than done, but sometimes if I’m feeling down I pretend to be my alter-ego, a super-self-confident-radiant-elf-queen named Beyonce Pad Thai. Emma takes life by the horns and confidently gives out advice. Don’t give unwanted advice, but do talk with authority.


2. Be brave. Take chances you wouldn’t normally take.  Want that job? Apply for it. Know you need to network? Go to that event, even if you won’t know anyone there. Know you did something wrong? Admit your mistakes and apologize to Knightley.


3. Be bold. Wearing bold colors can not only cheer you up, it can improve your overall mood. Emma is always aware of the latest trends and you should be too because, like it or not, first impressions are crucial.


4. Be careful. Emma was not always careful when doling out advice or making matches, so lear from her mistakes. Take this to the opposite extreme and give an old friend a shout out. Have a Galentines night.


5. Treat yo’self. You are amazing. You are a glorious musk ox. You are the reincarnation of Cleopatra. You deserve to take time to treat yourself. Do an at home spa day or just go off the grid for the day and stick your toes in the sand with that book you’ve been waiting to devour.

-Admin B is a journalist, filmmaker and nerd.

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