Mr. Collins Reacts to Retail Shoppers

If you’ve ever worked retail then you know that people are THE WORST. If you’ve ever worked over the holiday then you know there is no hope for humanity and you’ve put a pox upon a lot of basic bitches’ homes.

Mr. Collins has the smile of man who is forced to say he loves what he’s doing even though deep down he’s dying one greeting at a time and can’t wait to get home to gorge himself on the Godiva and SkinnyGirl Vodka he spent his last paycheck on.

When someone insists you give a discount that doesn’t exist.
When someone tells you to go look in the “back room” for their size even though you know for certain that you sold out a week ago.
When someone blames you for a “misleading” promotion. Because you are clearly in charge of all marketing for this major retailer.
When someone lets their kid destroy the floor and doesn’t apologize as they watch you recover the whole thing again.
When someone trashes their dressing room and doesn’t buy anything. It’s cool, you only tried on two of everything in the store. Shouldn’t take long to take all those back to the floor.

-Admin B is a journalist, filmmaker and nerd.


One thought on “Mr. Collins Reacts to Retail Shoppers

  1. really shouldn’t be leaving a reply when drunk, but I’ve been working at a call center for the last year (just got laid off last month) and people on the phone can be just nasty. Really, since they can’t see you, they think they have the right to just about anything that comes in to their head at the time. Well, since I’m just about the best call center agent out there, I think most of my customers were perfectly happy when they hung up, basically because I went into my happy place, Pemberley or something similar, and just went from there… 😛 Besides, I’m pretty sure Collins is pretty happy about his position in life… I’m unimployed and working on a fantasytrilogi… 😛 But I’ve still got a hugh smile on my face because it also means I’ve got plenty of time to revisit Austen’s novels and adaptations… 😛 I might be rambling, my apolgies, but I’m kind of happy I got laid off… Wish me luck on my endevours on becoming a authoress…


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