The Men of Pemberley Digital (as told by Tina Belcher)

We can’t think of any possible way express our feelings about the men of Pemberley Digital better than through the wisdom of Miss Tina Belcher.
We hope so, Tina. We really hope so.
Daniel Vincent Gordh showed up in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and stirred up a lot of wibbly wobbly feelings in certain parts of our bodies.
dvgand we were all like20but we just licked the computer screen instead… or was that just me?


We’d let Craig Frank play dress-up (or take-my-dress-off) with us any day
craig frank 27
We met Christopher Sean
and suddenly all we wanted were his body and some snickerdoodles… or just his body with some snickerdoodles on it?33 35
The abs of Wes Aderhold were almost enough for us to forgive Wickham…
(We’re sure Wes is nothing like Wickham, but we really could forgive those abs and that face a LOT of indiscretions…)
Choosing between Darcy and Wickham was like a fangirl’s Sophie’s Choice

So we soothed our fluttering hearts with Kyle Walters from Sandition…
 and let his adorable geekitude make us feel adorably geekytoo
Brent Bailey showed up, takin’ names and numbers like a boss

and we are still swooning pretty hard over that scruffy mug

And of course, JBI’s mad computer skills and crooked smile make us feel faint on a regular basis

We really just want them all. Is that so wrong?

3843 40
If it is, we don’t want to be right!


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