It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we’re drunk

I should probably be drunk while writing this. But I’m not, so bear with me, because if you were to ask me what the difference between the DrunkAusten Facebook page (which you can conveniently find here) and our brand-new venture here at the DrunkAusten blog is going to be, I’d have to say I’m not sure. But I do know we do want to continue the awesome precedent we’ve been setting over on our facebook, twitter, and tumblr pages.

I also know that we’ve got an amazing community behind us at all those pages, and we’re so extremely grateful for all the Janeites we’ve been introduced to because of Drunk Austen. (For some reason, people like watching other people get drunk and film themselves reading classic literature. And that’s pretty awesome.)

Memes, quizzes, videos, ridiculous and occasionally deep diatribes on literature, Austen, and basically anything that tickles our fancy, expect it all and more. Especially since we have no idea what we’re doing; guided only by love for our own dear Jane.

…That and the light at the end of the bottle. -R

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